AFLAC® Supplemental 


Invest in Peace of Mind


It’s impossible to see the future. At Parrish Insurance Consulting, we believe our inability to anticipate what will happen tomorrow is the most compelling reason to buy in insurance. There’s no reason to live in fear when you’re prepared, and we’re on a mission to give you true confidence. At our independent insurance company in Houston, we’re delighted to offer  AFLAC®coverage in several formats you can use as an individual or as a group.

AFLAC® is a supplemental insurance plan for your healthcare. It pays you directly in the event of an illness or injury. Most healthcare plans do NOT cover your doctor or hospital bills in their entirety, and since the birth of the Affordable Healthcare Act or Obamacare, many people have seen their deductibles rise substantially. AFLAC® fills the gap between what your healthcare covers and what you, otherwise, would have to pay out of pocket. There are also additional value-added products that can get you telephonic access to a doctor (these products are only offer to group supplemental plans)


Whether you’re a worrier or not, insurance provides stability and comfort through the ups (and especially the downs) of life. However, general health insurance can move pretty slowly. Aflac’s nimble, quick process means you get funds within a week. Aflac can also provide funds over long periods of time if you cannot work. Learn how to access the following affordable Aflac policies through our team:

  • Accidental
  • Disability
  • Hospital
  • Cancer
  • Critical Illness

The unexpected can bowl you over if you don’t have insurance. The Parrish Insurance Consulting team has worked with the people and companies of Houston since 2016, and our 15 years of overall experience have given us a reputation for compassionate excellence. Learn how we can transform your confidence in your future today.