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With over 15 years in the insurance business, Parrish Insurance Consulting is known for excellence, trustworthiness, and compassion. We use our accumulated knowledge to your benefit. Acronyms, industry lingo, and dizzying numbers are no problem for us; in fact, we leverage the industry to your advantage. When you choose our Houston insurance brokers, you can expect clarity, transparency, and plenty of space to ask questions and explore options.  We have access to quote with over 50 insurance carriers, so we have NO bias when building a life protection strategy or a benefits package. I look at their best interest. I’ve learn over my years of business that if you shift your focus from your wallet to your customers, your wallet is always full.

Jared Parrish, owner of Parrish Insurance Consulting, also has 12 years experience working in the funeral business . He is fully bilingual (English/Spanish). When starting in the funeral business, he was licensed to sell life and health insurance and mainly sold prearranged funerals for the funeral home and also sold cemetery plots.  He assisted families everyday with funeral arrangements for their lost loved ones, and was able to empathize with them and the pain and anguish they were experiencing.  Additionally, many of the families he worked with were lower income families, which required innovation approaches to assist the families in paying for the funerals.

Addtionally, Jared worked for a casket manufacturer and sold caskets and other funeral home supplies wholesale. While doing that, in order to gain more clients, I acted as a business consultant teaching these funeral home owners how to set up their merchandising systems. How to price, set up margins, how to present to families, how to package services etc. I covered the entire state of Texas at one point.

Jared was born in Houston, Texas and still lives in the same zip code he grew up in.  He has a lot a pride as a  fourth-generation Texan.  Jared enjoys doing employee benefits for a business, considering that it’s a manageable group, and likes to interview the employees to make sure that he puts together packages that actually benefits the employees.  His focus is not only on saving the business money, but trying improve coverage and quality of life for the employees.  He puts together options that each employee can actually use.

Sometimes health insurance, even though the employee is paying for it, can be too expensive to use. High deductibles or limited networks etc. It;s not of any benefit offer a package if its not valued.

With life insurance, I look at what needs to be covered. I take in to consideration what their life looks like. What are their unfunded liabilities, what are their goals and what would happen if we try to build a strategy, not a policy. 

We offer a range of policies for individuals, families, & businesses

It’s All About You

Where other insurance brokers might try to fit you into a cookie-cutter solution as quickly as possible, we leave things open-ended and use every resource at our disposal to creatively meet your insurance needs. Whether you need an individual insurance policy or you’re looking for a company-wide solution to offer your employees, we’ll show you how insurance works, how to reduce your costs, and how to minimize your tax liability. 

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At the end of the day, insurance provides much-needed peace of mind. However, it must be handled correctly. Don’t settle for anything less than the best; join the Parrish Insurance Consulting family today.

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We want you to step into your future with complete confidence,